Knowledge - Arithmetic

The Quintessential Aristocrat

The Quintessential Aristocrat

Author Martin R. Thomas
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2004
OGL Section 15 qari

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Knowledge (Int)

New Use: Arithmetic & geometry. This skill gives the user knowledge of the rudimentary basics of mathematics and geometry. A character may use this skill for estimating distances, weights, and volumes as well as for computations and problem solving involving numbers and for determining the relationships between points, lines, angles, surfaces, and solids.
Check: Use the categories below as guidelines for determining the type of information known by the character.
Easy (DC 10): Estimate the distance between two points.
Basic (DC 15): Calculate the number of items in a given area, such as estimating the number of coins in a treasure chest.
Really Tough (DC 25): Calculate the exact angle necessary to aim a missile shot (as from a siege engine, bow, or crossbow) to travel a precise distance.
Synergy: A character with 5 or more ranks in Knowledge (arithmetic & geometry) gains a +2 synergy bonus to all Knowledge (architecture & engineering), Knowledge (economics & business), and Knowledge (astronomy) checks. The character also gains a +2 synergy bonus to all Knowledge (games & contests) checks for games involving counting, such as card games like poker or blackjack.

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